A phone Call – How to talk to people on phone?

Read this conversation between two people who are talking on phone. They are making a plan to go to the cinema. Notice the language and practice with your friends.

Jason: Hi, Alia, it’s Jason. How are you?
Alia: Oh, hi, Jason! I was just thinking about you.
Jason: That’s nice. So what are you doing tomorrow?
Alia: Nothing special. I’m staying at home.
Jason: I was wondering if you’d like to go to a movie tomorrow.
Alia: Sure, I’d love to! What’s playing?
Jason: I was thinking about that new comedy Golmaal. What do you think?
Alia: Sounds great!
Jason: OK, I’ll pick you up around 3:30. The movie starts at 4:00.
Alia: See you then. Bye!

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