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Degrees of Adjectives – English Grammar

Positive Comparative Superlative
big bigger biggest
black blacker blackest
bold bolder boldest
brave braver bravest
bright brighter brightest
busy busier busiest
clean cleaner cleanest
clear clearer clearest
clever cleverer cleverest
cold colder coldest
cool cooler coolest
dark darker darkest
dear dearer dearest
deep deeper deepest
dirty dirtier dirtiest
dry drier driest
easy easier easiest
fair fairer fairest
fast faster fastest
fat fatter fattest
fine finer finest
funny funnier funniest
great greater greatest
green greener greenest
happy happier happiest
hard harder hardest
healthy healthier healthiest
heavy heavier heaviest
high higher highest
hot hotter hottest
kind kinder kindest
large larger largest
late later latest
lazy lazier laziest

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