Greetings and Farewells in Informal Situations

How to greet people in informal situations? There are different words and expressions in English that we can use to greet people and today we’ll learn some of the most popular and useful ones. One of the most common ways of greeting someone in English is ‘Hello’- suitable in both formal and informal situations. Now we’re going to look at some other expressions, and these are for informal situations. Read this conversation:

Kitty: Hi, Nancy! How are you?
Nancy: Fine, thanks — and you?
Kitty: Just fine. Where are you hurrying to?
Nancy: To the library. I’ve got a Geography exam next week and need some books.
Kitty: Oh, no. Well, I’ll see you later then. Good luck!
Nancy: Thanks. See you later.

Some more expressions to greet people in informal situations.
Hello! Hi! Hey! Alright! How’s it going?
How’re you doing? How’re you going?
Are you alright? Good, thanks!
I’m OK! And you? How about you? What about you?
Fine, thanks! Not bad, not bad! Alright, thanks!

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