How to Express Dislikes – Read Conversation

Henna: Hi Sid! I’m having a dinner party on Saturday night, Neil’s coming, would you like to come?
Sid: Yes, sounds good, what are we having?
Henna: How do you feel about Chinese food?
Sid: Well, to be honest, I don’t really like it; I had a bad experience once.
Henna: Oh, well, do you like Italian food?
Sid: No, I can’t stand it.
Henna: Mmmm, what about Indian?
Sid: I love it!
Henna: Great, that’s good news. I’ll do an Indian meal. See you on Saturday at 7.

Some expressions to express dislikes
To be honest
I don’t really like it
I really don’t like it
I can’t stand it
I really can’t stand it

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