Imagine, Aftab writes a letter to Kaley Shah inviting him to the wedding of Fatimah and Najab. Write the letter.

(Reference: Love across the Salt Desert by Keki N. Daruwala)

Examination Hall
5th Feb, 1994

Dear Kaley Shah

I know that it was a painful moment for you when my son Najab brought your daughter Fatimah across the Rann of Kutch without your permission. It will be right to say that he acted in the most irresponsible manner and has shown no regard towards the family traditions he has been brought up in. Also was wrong on his part to bring your daughter across the border taking such a big risk. But I think they truly love each other and should be forgiven for their folly.

I apologize to you for my son’s act. I want you to forget the whole incident and forgive my son and your daughter. Please accept my humble invitation to attend the marriage ceremony of Najab and Fatimah which has been organized here in Khavda and would take place on the auspicious day of Friday. Your presence will only strengthen our family relations.

Our children need your blessings. Forget all that happened because our happiness lies in our children’s happiness. Hope to see you at the wedding.

Yours sincerely

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