Imagine that Mriganko Babu narrates his experience with the scarecrow to the Editor of the Bharat magazine. The Editor then writes an article about the supernatural in the newspaper. Write the article.

(The Scarecrow)

“Encounter with a Ghost”

Supernatural has been one of the favourite topics of debate since ancient times. There was a time when more people believed in the existence of ghosts and apparitions. With the advent of science, though, scenario has changed a lot and people hesitate to believe things which are beyond the scope of science. But there surely are still people who believe that spirits and ghosts do exist. Some of them have strong reasons for their belief, like the famous write Mriganko Babu.

Last week a club at Durgapur had invited Mriganko Babu to a cultural function in order to felicitate him. His car ran out of petrol on his way back and he had to wait at the lonely place on the highway while his driver had gone to fetch petrol from the nearest station. He was standing all alone and saw a scarecrow standing in the field, wearing a red and black printed shirt. Its shirt attracted him to it. It drew his attention and reminded him of someone. As Mriganko Babu was staring at the scarecrow, he noticed that its physical appearance was changing. At last he saw that the scarecrow was moving and speaking. The scarecrow came to him and told him that he was his ex-servant Abhiram who had served in his house for 20 years. He lost his job because he was found guilty of stealing Mriganko Babu’s watch. Although Abhiram denied the charge, the local witch doctor declared him to be the thief and in this way he lost the job. Abhiram told Mriganko Babu that now he had found peace after telling the truth of his innocence to Mriganko Babu. At last Mriganko Babu found the watch as per the direction of Abhiram’s spirit, that is, under the wardrobe. Mriganko Babu still cannot understand that whether he was dreaming or he actually had an encounter with Abhiram’s spirit.

Now it is for the readers to decide if there is any truth in the existence of supernatural beings or it was only an imagination of Mriganko Babu.

So the supernatural debate is still on.

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