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Imagine you are a newspaper reporter who chanced to be at the spot where Bob was arrested. Write the report for your newspaper.

‘Silky’ Bob Arrested by Childhood Friend
(Reference: After Twenty Years by O. Henry)

By ABC reporter
New York, 21 December:
Today a notorious criminal listed among the most wanted men by Chicago Police was arrested at 10:20 pm, ironically by his own childhood friend. The sources say that Chicago Police had already informed New York police about ‘Silky’ and thought that he might have slipped into their territory.

After the police investigation it was found that ‘Bob’ had gone to New York to meet one of his childhood friends to fulfil a promise made twenty years ago. They dined together, one night, at the popular Big Joe’ Brady’s restaurant that stood in place of the hardware store at ‘New Street’. Then they parted, promising to meet exactly after twenty years from that date and time. Interestingly, his friend turned out to be Patrolman Wells himself who was instrumental in the arrest of Bob.

Patrolman Wells, though, did not arrest Bob himself as he had great regards for their friendship but asked his colleague to do the job. After his arrest, Silky Bob found out that was got arrested by the friend he had come a long distance to meet. He might have wanted to narrate his story of success and richness to him but now he was exposed as a criminal before his friend who was responsible for his arrest.

The police department has appreciated Patrolman Wells’ commitment and sense of duty. He has been rewarded by the Chief of New York Police Department.

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