Article Writing Sample – Dr. C.V. Raman Addresses Students

Imagine you are one of the students who attended the convocation at Agra University where Dr. Raman delivered his speech. You were greatly impressed by the contents of the speech as well as the simplicity of the great man. You decide to write a article about his meeting with Dr. Raman for the local newspaper. Write the article.

Dr. Raman Addresses Students

By Special Correspondent

Agra, May 9: The students of Agra University were excited to meet Dr. C.V. Raman at the university auditorium. We all had gathered there for the convocation ceremony but meeting the Bharat Ratna Dr. C.V. Raman was more important for us than collecting our degrees.

Sir C.V. Raman who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930 was the chief guest at the ceremony. In his thought provoking speech he told us that how he had struggled his way up and climbed the ladder of success. He encouraged the students to work hard and not to feel discouraged if they don’t find success in everything they do. According to him the great things in life such as Nobel Prize and Bharat Ratna are not really great things because sometimes these things leave a bitter taste. We should appreciate the common things in life because these are the things that give us real happiness. He said that he was happy that he was still able to sleep peacefully at night provided that he had a 3 miles walk in the evening. He also enjoyed the beauty of the blue sky and the smell of ragi and jowar. He also thanked God for all the wonderful things he has made. This was his philosophy of life.

It is indeed our good fortune to have heard the man who has won so many awards and honours and has made a name for himself in the whole world. We were greatly impressed by his speech but the thing that impressed us the most was his simplicity. He doesn’t  even have a little arrogance and it is surprising for me and other students as well that how can one remain so simple and down to earth after having witnessed so much success.


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