The poet has addressed this poem to his son. Imagine that he writes a letter instead of the poem. Write the letter highlighting all the issues that he has raised in the poem.

(Reference: Once upon a Time by Gabriel Okara)

Examination Hall
March 11, 2018

Dear son,
I am writing you this letter to share my feelings about the changing behaviour of modern man. There was a time in the past when people were affectionate and friendly and their laughter expressed their inner joy. But the modern man’s eyes lack that warmth of friendship. Dear son, modern man’s behaviour is completely artificial and ironical. His courtesy and friendliness are only for show-off. He doesn’t mean what he says. You cannot judge anyone from his face value because people have learnt to wear many faces like dresses which they use as per the situation as to their convenience.

Unfortunately, I am no exception to this changed pattern of behaviour. But believe me son, I don’t want to be what I have become. This artificiality and affectation suffocates me. I want to forget everything that this selfish world has taught me because I am scared of my own smile, which looks like that of a snake. I want to be like you, innocent and natural. But above all I want you to be innocent and natural forever, away from the superficiality of the world.

May God bless you!
Your loving Father
Gabriel Okara

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