The Station Master of Charing Cross Station, London has a large collection of unclaimed articles in the Lost and Found section. He decides to sell the articles. You are Simon Albright, the station master of Charing Cross. Write the notice you would put up on the station notice board announcing a Jumble Sale.

30th June, 2018 Charing Cross Station, London


(Reference : Forgetting by Robert Lynd)

It is for the information of general public that a Jumble Sale of unclaimed articles in the Lost and Found section of the station is going to be held at the Charing Cross station on Sunday, 1st July, 2019 from 10 am to 5 pm. The list of articles has been given at annexure ‘A’. The list shown at annexure ‘B’ shall be sold through auction.

For further details contact:
Simon Albright
Station Master
Charing Cross Station, London

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