Diary Entry – Sample 2

What do you think would have been the Sniper’s feelings on discovering the man he had killed was his own brother? As the sniper, write a diary entry describing your feelings about the war and the day’s events. Talk about your plans for the future.

( Reference : The Sniper)

Thursday, 2nd February, 1920
Yesterday was the worst day of my life. The thing that happened to me yesterday was never expected by me. I am not able to understand anything because yesterday I killed my brother with my own hands. I am a Republican Sniper. The Republicans and Free-staters are fighting over the division of Ireland into Northern Ireland and rest of the country. I am fighting to see the country united and yesterday I was on the same duty.

I was on a roof top near O’Connell Bridge. I was eating a sandwich as I had eaten nothing since morning. I wanted to smoke but it could be risky as there were enemies watching. But I decided to take the risk and no sooner had I lit the cigarette than a bullet flattened itself against the parapet of the roof. I put out the cigarette. After some time an armoured car came there and it seemed like a monster to me. Then came a old woman who was an informer and began to talk to the man in the armoured car. She pointed to the roof where I was hiding. The man raised his head to see me on the roof. I didn’t want to lose time and shot at the man and killed him on the spot. I also killed the old woman informer too. Suddenly a shot came from the opposite roof and my arm was hit b the bullet. I had fractured the bone. I could not flee away as I had no way out. But then I thought of a ruse to defeat the enemy.

I placed my cap over the muzzle of the rifle and raise it over the parapet wall to show the enemy. The enemy fired quickly and then I pretended to have been hit by the bullet and died. The trick worked and the enemy came out of his hiding and I shot at him and killed him. I was a moment of triumph for me but when I saw the dead body of the enemy falling miserably from the roof top into the street, the lust of battle died within me and I cursed myself and everyone for causing wars.

As I was crossing the street, I felt a sudden urge to have a look at the enemy’s corpse and as I tuned the face of the dead enemy, I was shocked to see that I had killed my own brother. I was ashamed of myself. I cried badly and spent the whole day with his dead body. After this incident I have decided not to do this sniper’s job anymore. War is indeed a curse because it I due to them that a brother is bound to kiss his own brother. Yesterday, I actually came to know that how cursive the wars are. It was the worst experience of my life.

In order to fulfil my duty, I killed my own brother. I don’t know what to do and where to go for solace.


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