Diary Entry Sample – A Walk in the Woods

Sunday, 4th November, 2018

I have always been fond of things of nature. I love different types of seasons but the evenings of Dehradun in autumn season are very pleasant. Autumn is the season between summer and winter. It continues from September to November. Autumn is the time when fruits and crops ripen and are then plucked from the boughs of the trees. Leaves of the trees fall in this season. They look naked and are rendered bare. The leaves are fallen down and I like walking on them and crushing them

Today I decided to take a walk in the evening in woods and enjoy the beauty of autumn. When I went on the walk cold wind was blowing very softly. Dry leaves were spread all over the ground. The scene was immensely beautiful and it was a lovely experience.

For some people this season is ugly as the trees become naked and the birds stop singing but to me it is as beautiful as spring as it gives a message that although the leaves have fallen now but soon new leaves will appear which means that even the worst times in life pass away to give way to happy times.


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