You are the reporter from the local daily, Dublin Times. Based on your interviews with Christy’s family members, write a newspaper report.

A Miraculous Recovery
(Reference: The Letter ‘A’ by Christy Brown)

By ABC reporter, Dublin Times
Dublin, May 9: Christy Brown, a physically challenged child who suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth and later became a famous writer has a very inspiring story. His story undoubtedly is an inspiration to all those who keep on cursing their fate for their miseries, sufferings and failures.

He was the son of a mother who had seen 9 out of her 22 children die in infancy. After his birth all the doctor labelled him a hopeless case and according to them there was no chance of Christy’s recovery. But Christy’s mother did not agree with their views and believed that although he was physically impaired but he was mentally sound and not an idiot. He cared for and treated Christy the same way as she did for her other children.

The family relatives suggested that Christy should be sent to an institution meant for handicapped but Christy’s parents did no heed to their advice which was an important decision for his life.

One afternoon, when all the members of the family had gathered round the kitchen fire, Christy suddenly took a stick of yellow chalk from his sister’s hand with the help of his left foot. He used all his strength to draw his first letter ‘A’.

Christy’s effort to learn to scribble was an evidence enough to prove the fact that he had a sound mind. His intelligence was similar to other children. It was a matter of great relief for his family. As far as Christy is concerned, he attained mental freedom and could now express himself freely. He could not express himself through speech but through written words that have an everlasting and permanent effect.

The credit to his miraculous recovery goes to his mother, a woman of strong determination and will power. She achieved what was considered impossible by the doctors with her unconditional love for Christy.

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