Your neighbour plays music rather loud every evening when you study. Your exams are approaching and you are extremely upset with your neighbour’s behaviour. Write a letter to your neighbour explaining your problem and also requesting him to be more considerate to the neighbours. Be tactful and polite in your letter.

Examination Hall
11th March, 2018

Dear ABC
I am your immediate neighbour and I have noticed that you are very fond of music because you play it every day. But you often make use of loud speakers which are sometimes very disturbing. Their use can be tolerated during day but their use at night becomes very intolerable. I am a student of class 12th and shall be appearing in my board exams in 3 months. The noise of the loud speakers makes it difficult for me to concentrate on my studies.

You are like my brother and I take the liberty to request you not to play the music loudly. This will help me to concentrate on my studies and get good marks. Uncle Sharma, who lives in the next house, is suffering from a serious heart disease. He has been put to bed rest. He too is unable to rest because of the loud music.

I shall be obliged if you understand our problem and tone down the volume of you music system. Please co-operate with us.
Yours sincerely

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